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For many years motogadget is synonymous with high quality instruments and innovative accessories for the motor bike market. Motogadget product’s outstanding design, features, material and finish make us premier choice for many modders, customizers and bike enthusiasts. Many of our products are either completely unique or only available from us in certain configurations or dimensions.

Motogadget product portfolio includes analogue and digital multifunctional instruments, electronic switching and control elements, glassless rear-view mirrors, turn signals, push button controls and much more.

Motogadget develop and test all products sold by themselves. Either the whole production pipeline or the completion take place on our premises by our highly qualified team – hand-crafted in most cases. The whole product range is marketed by us or via established partners, domestically and abroad. This way we keep full control over the entire development and production pipeline. By maintaining direct customer relations we gather valuable feedback from many countries and all realms of the biking world.

‘Made in Germany’ translates to quality from Berlin in this case and is sought after by excited customers striving to improve and embellish their bikes.

Motogadget Analog Speedometer

Motoscope Classic
Motoscope Classic Speedo
Motoscope Chronoclassic
Motoscope Chronoclassic Speedo
Motoscope Tiny
Motoscope MST Speedster
Motoscope MST Vintage

Motogadget Digital Speedometer

Motogadget Motoscope Mini
Motogadget Motoscope Pro
Motogadget MSP Breakout Box A
Motogadget MSP Breakout Box B
Motogadget MSP Breakout Box j1850
Motogadget Motoscope Pro BMW R9T

Motogadget Electrics

m.unit Blue
m.unit Basic
m.can OBD
m.can J1850
m.relay standard